Below are listed some of the results of Tumelty & Spier's legal services.  Click here for TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS describing the experiences of our satisfied clients.

Civil Litigation

The most recent results:

  • $5,000,000 Dollar verdict after medical malpractice jury trial for pain and suffering due to failure to diagnose and repair urine leak after transplant surgery for a 39-year old woman.

Prior results:

  • $3,100,000 Dollar verdict for a hip fracture of elderly woman injured due to a trip and fall from a street defect;

  • $1,700,000 Dollar settlement for a construction worker who suffered leg injuries at a work site;

  • $1,335,000 Dollar settlement to construction worker who injured his back while using a jackhammer. Settlement achieved through novel approach asserting claims that a worker should not have been permitted to work in contorted position causing his back to be strained and herniated. We successfully defeated a defense motion to dismiss our case wherein the defendants claimed there were no viable legal theories upon which our client could recover. The settlement helps our client, his wife and their young daughter to regain normalcy in their lives.

  • $1,305,000 Dollar verdict for 38-year old woman who sustained aggravation of preexisting lumbar herniation pain and radiculopathy due to medical mismanagement.

  • $1,300,000 Dollar settlement for wrongful death of a young woman;

  • $1,200,000 Dollar settlement for abdominal scarring with complications;

  • $1,200,000 Dollar settlement for a worker who suffered electrical shocks and scarring injuries;

  • $900,000 Dollar settlement for a worker who suffered a leg injury on a job site;

  • $750,000 Dollar settlement for the forty-eight old woman who received negligent pedicure at nail salon which caused infection, hospitalization and surgery;

  • $700,000 Dollar settlement for a man injured in a fall from a work platform;

  • $625,000 Dollar settlement for a woman who sustained scarring injuries;

  • $500,000 Dollar settlement during trial for a thirty-six year old woman who tripped and fell in sidewalk defect getting off a NYCTA bus injuring her ankle and knee, and aggravating prior neck condition.

  • $500,000 Dollar verdict for a client who suffered disc bulges in a motor vehicle accident;

  • $365,000 Dollar verdict for a client who suffered a torn ACL knee injury;

  • $275,000 Dollar settlement for a woman injured in a motor vehicle accident in Bronx;

  • $240,000 Dollar verdict for a client who suffered a shoulder partial labrum tear, but did not undergo a surgery;

  • $200,000 Dollar after trial, with subsequent settlement, for excessive force during an arrest of a man by the New York Police Department.

  • $73,500 Dollar settlement for unlawful stop and frisks by police officers of several young men in Brooklyn, New York.

Our firm routinely wins motions for summary judgment permitting us to proceed to trials solely on damages.

We routinely recover all of the applicable insurance coverage pre-trial.

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